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FREE TIBET Prayer Flags

  • Fly these flags with pride as you support Tibetan rights!
  • Flags are made in the traditional colors of yellow, green, red, white, and blue.
  • They feature the "FREE TIBET" slogan along with a snow lion image.  The snow lion is a fierce protector of Tibet.

These 100% cotton flags with hemmed edges are handmade by Tibetan prayer flag artists in Kathmandu.  March 10th, 2009 marked 50 years since Tibetans rose up to protest China's illegal invasion of their homeland.  It was also one year since unprecedented protests broke out across Tibet showing China and the world that after 50 years of occupation, Tibetans are determined to be free.

Set includes 10 flags that measure approximately 10 by 8 inches.  Entire strand is about 7 feet long.  Made of 100% hemmed cotton in Nepal.