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Handmade Wool Birdhouse From Nepal



We can't help it if birds think the inchworm on top of this mushroom bird house is edible. They do look delicious don't they? In fact, this particular style IS the best seller of our new bird houses!

And yes, it can be hung outside as well as inside! It’s made of naturally water repellant wool, and when it does get wet (mainly on the exterior) it will also naturally dry itself out. Made with other sustainably harvested materials including a braided natural hemp hanging cord and a bamboo perch.

The 1 1/4'' diameter opening is sized for small birds such as wrens, chickadees, titmice and blue birds. It can be enlarged for larger birds as desired. If birds don't choose to nest inside they can pull at the wool for material to feather their own nests (one of our customers HAS reported seeing a blue bird go inside!). Comes partially filled with recycled paper to maintain the shape in shipping that can easily be removed. If exposed to sun and hard weather, the colors and shape should last over a year in hard weather, and forever in a protected place such as a porch or even inside

Handmade felt components are created and assembled by skilled artisans working in a fair trade production center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Artisans use 100% natural wool and non-toxic, azo-free dyes. Wool scraps are recycled into new products.