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Hawkeye Mala with Tibetan Gau

  • A truly exclusive and limited edition 108 bead mala from our DharmaShop collection!  Only 4 ever made - so grab one while you can!
  • An amazing sterling silver Tibetan Gau pendant from Nepal hangs from earthy hawkeye beads.  The back opens to reveal an image of HH the Dalai Lama along with a tiny piece of a prayer scarf.
  • The detail on this Tibetan Gau is absolutely incredible.  It features a dorje design with an antique coral centerpiece.

Hawkeye helps to protect against negative energy.  It reduces stress and helps to increase calm and stability.  A Root Chakra stone, hawkeye is excellent for stimulating the physical body and promoting healing and grounding energy.  Similar to the tiger eye stone, hawkeye features the same familiar lustre but includes a more earthy range of colors.

Mala measures approximately 25 inches around with an adjustable knot.  Beads are 6mm.  Gau measures about 1.5 inches long and 0.75 inch wide.