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Heavy Vintage Sterling Silver and Gold Om Mani Bracelet


Our customers have been asking about solid silver Om Mani Bracelets and we have been searching for the very finest examples of the available bracelets. There are two problems, 1. silver is still pretty expensive and 2. most of the very high end jewelry artists have left nepal to find work in other countries with a etter economy. Most artists that make bracelets make them as light as possible to get the most out of the silver content. These old heavy bracelets are very scarce in Nepal these days. We found a few dozen on our last trip and we bought every bracelet we saw from our Tibetan buyers in Arizona at the gem show this year.

This vintage one of a kind bracelet is very heavy and solid silver with gold details in Newar Script. Incredible details are hand carved including a stunning dragon design. 2 inches wide and very powerful.