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Spiritual Path Bodhi Seed Mala

  • Handmade in Kathmandu, this mala features 108 powerful and natural light Bodhi seeds.
  • We love the earthy and unique characteristics of these beads!  Their appearance reminds us of a traditional bodhi seed mixed with sandalwood.
  • As your mala is regularly handled and touched, the oils in your skin can begin to darken and smooth the beads.  You become a part of the mala.  We consider this special process to be a visual representation of the growth in your practice.

Bodhi seed beads can vary in color depending on the tree from which they are harvested.  The lighter color beads signify purity, innocence, and the beginning of the spiritual path.  A light Bodhi seed mala is a great tool on your journey toward mindfulness and ultimately enlightenment.  As your practice matures, so will your mala beads.

Bodhi seed beads can be used for counting all types of mantras as well as other prayers.  These dark-speckled seed beads have special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom.  "Bodhi" in Sanskrit means enlightenment; as an "enlightened" seed, many practitioners use these malas for their essence and inherent teachings within each seed.

Mala measures approximately 38 inches around with an adjustable knot.  Beads are about 10mm with a 16mm guru bead.

Bodhi Seeds from Dharmashop.com on Vimeo.