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Jade Elephant Statue or Pendant

  • This small Ganesh statue is made of carved jade.
  • Features intricately hand carved brass details and includes a bail loop that gives you the ability to wear the lapis elephant as a pendant or string it onto a mala or necklace.
  • Perfect to display on a shelf or desk, wear as a pendant, or carry with you!

The main characteristics of the elephant are strength and steadfastness.  Therefore, it has become a symbol of physical and mental strength as well as responsibility and earthiness.  It is also one of the animals included in the Buddhist story of the Four Friends.  A creature of great strength and size, yet capable of amazing tenderness and intelligence.

An amulet of good luck and friendship, jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are.

Elephant measures approximately 1 3/4 inch tall with bail and just under 2 inches wide.  Made in Nepal.