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Jasper and Druzy Tassel Bracelet

  • Bone jasper stone is cool and smooth to the touch.  Next to that we've placed one special druzy geode stone.
  • Alongside the druzy bead are Thai brass spacer beads and a cotton tassel.
  • Inside every druzy is an entire galaxy of sparkle and shine.  Through every crack in your druzy bead you will be able to glimpse the glittering stone held secretly within.

Bone jasper helps you with self expression and eases fear of the unknown. This stone will guide you through understanding your life and soul purpose.  Druzy occurs as thousands of tiny shimmering crystal points blanket the surface of a gemstone.  It amplifies the intensity of the stones it inhabits, supplies strength and energy, and encourages clarity of mind.

Measures approximately 6 .5 inches around made with durable stretchy cord.  Made in the US.