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Large Amazing Ganesh OM Thai Pendant


An amazing, two-sided large Thai pendant featuring a multi armed ganesh holding an assortment of weapons for cutting bonds of attachment.

2 inches tall. Heavy pendant wrapped in a gold plated case (not waterproof, please remove before showering or bathing).


Lets start with the Weapons of the God of prosperity. Ganesha is almost always portrayed with an ax or Mahaparashu. The ax is symbolic primarily for cutting the bonds of attachment…though some interpretations have it that the ax is a symbol of protection for his devotees. The axes can range from a battle-axe, to a “large” axe to a pick ax (in the case of the pick ax it also refers to Ganesha’s ability to “pick away” at the foibles and misconceptions of his worshipers. Sometimes Ganesha is portrayed with a sword, which can again be symbolic of both cutting away attachments and also of protection for his devotees. The trident or Trishula that he is sometimes pictured with refers to the three spiritual weapons of Love, Wisdom and Action. Sometimes Ganesha wields a dagger, a chhuri, the razor’s edge of which signifies the narrow path that must be walked to achieve higher spirituality. A Mace, or Gada, is indicative of Ganesha’s decisiveness and discipline as he continuously pushes his devotees in the spiritual quest until completion. At times the Lord Ganesha is seen holding a Vajratrishula or lightning bolt. The lightning bolt symbolizes spirit over mind and mind over matter. Another of Ganesha’s “spiritual weapons” is the Chakra or discus. The discus represents the sun and the mind and is thusly a powerful weapon. The noose, or Pasha, is yet another of Ganesha’s weapons…this one used to pull “wandering” devotees closer to spirituality. (from John Lund's great blog)