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Large Brass Carved Offering Bowls

  • These Tibetan offering bowls are made by metalsmiths in Nepal using traditional methods.  Handmade of brass with a mandala design carved into each bowl.
  • Deepen your spiritual practice by filling the bowls with water to make offerings.   The bowls are also highly functional for home decor, burning your favorite incense, or as a catch all dish for jewelry or special items.
  • Traditionally, a set of 7 offering bowls are used on an altar or shrine and filled with water daily as a way of accumulating virtue and merit with the intention of ending suffering for all sentient beings.

Because water is considered plentiful and free, you can visualize that you are offering endless quantities of everything beautiful within your heart and mind.  You may also repeat your favorite mantra as you set up your bowls, which is great for setting the tone for meditation practice.

Bowls measures approximately 3 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep.