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Large Thai Buddha Bead Mala Multicolor

  • This very large mala is made in Thailand using handcrafted terracotta Thai Buddha beads.  It features 113 total beads including the 3 that hang from the bottom.
  • These great, traditional beads are made by hand, strung on durable cord, colored, and blessed by the same monks who made them.
  • Each bead features a seated Buddha image that promotes the energy of meditation and deep contemplation.  It indicates the perfect balance of thought, rest of the senses, and tranquility.

Thai monks make these beads as well as little ceramic Buddha amulets to sell in order to support their Wats (temples).  Each bead is molded by hand with a simple Buddha image and are then colored and blessed.

This mala is very large and could would work well for practice but also looks great as a unique and meaningful home decor item.  You can hang it on a wall or place it somewhere special in your home.  We've seen malas like this featured in a lot of styled home photography!  We love the idea of using an authentic, handcrafted and spiritual item as a part of indoor design.

Measures approximately 88 inches around.  Beads are about 23mm.