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      Lhasa Incense

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      Kat l.

      Lhasa Daily Incense

      Like many fellow Dharma Shop folks, I'm a huge incense lover! I've tried many different types and brands over the years, but there's something so right about this incense. It's like the difference between a TV dinner and a home-cooked meal made with love & fresh ingredients! When my husband and I were first dating, he confessed that he hated incense. I literally gasped! But since I have found your incense, and introduced him slowly to a few different types, he now loves it. We have 3 dogs and love them to bits but sometimes our home can smell... DOGGY. So there's nothing like lighting up some beautiful incense from Dharma Shop, especially after we have given the house a good cleaning. It just seems to permeate our home with something warm and good.

      Janice V.

      After further research I found I severely overpaid for the incense.

      I will not be buying from Dharma shop again.


      This is what incense should be like

      Your Lhasa incense is so good I can never go back to the cheap stuff. You know, the perfumey thin kind that's on a stick? This is what incense should be. It's got a beautiful scent and isn't overpowering but gently fills your space. It can literally change how I feel in my home. It's just simply really good. And you feel good knowing you aren't inhaling chemicals, just natural ingredients.

      GM Jensen, Oregon, USA

      blast from the past

      In my search for incense that my wife can tolerate this is one. For me it is close to an incense that was burned by a woman I used to do yard work for as a pre-teen. It brings back thoughts of warm summer days, yard work and friendship...highly recommended.


      Yummy Yummmy Incense

      This stuff smells so great I couldn't stop burning them. It's a sweet smell overall for those who like those scents. 4 stars because they are small sticks and burn really fast if you have to keep fans around. But otherwise great stuff. Thanks :)