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Lotus & Longevity Dzi Bracelet

  • A DharmaShop exclusive double wrap bracelet made with a captivating and stylish combination of garnet gemstone beads with Thai rosewood, brass accents, and a true agate Dzi bead centerpiece.
  • Sourced directly by our team in Kathmandu, this Dzi features a unique lotus and longevity design.  DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen, has been sourcing Dzi beads for over 20 years and has never come across this special design before!
  • You will love the feel of this bracelet.  The transition between the soft wood and the hard shiny garnet creates a contrast that promotes concentration during meditation.

We were only able to source 10 of these incredible beads, so this bracelet will be very limited in quantity.  Grab one while you can!

Dzi beads are believed to offer protection for the wearer.  A Lotus Dzi bead possesses the power to purify the mind and heart, leading to a more calm and clear mind.  The longevity Dzi features a dark tortoise shell pattern and is also referred to as a "turtle back" Dzi.  This design represents a long and happy life.  It is known to improve health and healing while protecting from sickness and negativity.

Associated with the Heart Chakra, rosewood is known for its compassionate and healing energies.  It is an excellent healing source that assists you in healing yourself and others.

A stone of commitment, Red Garnet represents love.  As a Root Chakra stone, Garnet is said to be excellent for manifestation.  It is used to ground one's dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dreams.

Bracelet measures approximately 6.5 inches around on stretchy cord.  Wood beads are 8mm, garnet beads are 6mm.  Dzi measures about 14-16mm.