Lou Zeldis Bali Infinity Beads Necklace


These exceptional beads were carved in the last decade in Bali my master artisans from tropical hardwoods. Each bead is handcarved to be smooth on one side and rough on the other. These infinity beads take hours for master craftsmen to make. Lou Zeldis collected hundreds of these necklaces over the years and the estate of Lou Zeldis has entrusted many of his goods to us at the Dharmashop.

A full strand of 108 of these beads costs well over a thousand dollars on the retail market, so we strung them on simple leather cord to make an affordable and unique way to own these artisan beads.

From the collection of Lou Zeldis, designer and collector who died last year after a lifetime of supporting artisans in his beloved Bali. beads are 14 and 20mm strung on a 35 inch 1mm leather cord