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Lunar Wrist Mala

  • This wrist mala contains glowing opalite beads with gold vermeil accents, a brass Om charm, and a bright turquoise tassel.
  • It features a magical druzy geode stone centerpiece.  Each druzy is unique and one-of-a-kind, revealing its own color and stone details.
  • The sound and symbol of Om is considered the most sacred mantra, making it the perfect accent to opalite which gives off a calming and relaxing energy.  Both are great for meditation!

Opalite, representing the Crown Chakra, is believed to enhance the powers of wisdom and insight.  Referred to as the ‘Stone of Eternity,’ it brings forth the understanding of the true-self, the true spirit, to free the spirit.

Druzy occurs as thousands of tiny shimmering crystal points blanket the surface of a gemstone.  It amplifies the intensity of the stones it inhabits, supplies strength and energy, and encourages clarity of mind.

Wrist mala measures approximately 6.5 inches around on stretchy cord.  Beads are 8mm, druzy is 10mm, Om charm is about 0.5 inch.  Hand strung here at the DharmaShop!