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Powerful Energy Mala

  • Our exclusive 108 bead DharmaShop mala features a sleek and powerful design.  It includes Obsidian and Pyrite beads, a robust Mastodon fossil bead, and an Obsidian Buddha pendant.
  • The Obsidian elements are not only stunning but also unique, as each stone reveals its own translucent banding.  They contrast nicely with the Pyrite beads that are cool to the touch.
  • Handmade in Nepal , the pendant consists of a hand carved gemstone that is placed inside of an intricate silver-plated brass setting.

Pyrite is masculine in nature, a stone of action, vitality and will, and taps into one’s abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas.  It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion.

A prehistoric Mastodon fossil bead hangs from the center of the mala, along with the hand carved Obsidian Buddha pendant.  Obsidian is a very protective stone and is excellent for removing negativity; it is related primarily to the root chakra.  It is very useful to help you to let go of disharmony that has accumulated from your day to day life.  This stone brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.  It helps you to know who you truly are.

Mala measures approximately 32 inches around.  Beads are 8mm, mastodon bead is about 12mm.  Buddha pendant measures about 1.75 inch tall from top of bail, 1 inch wide and 0.5 inch thick.