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Master Quality Raktu Mala

  • DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen, found this one-of-a-kind master quality raktu mala on his trip to Nepal in October 2019.
  • It features old raktu seed beads, copal and jasper spacers, and a silver dorje charm at the bottom.  The vintage raktu seeds are small and dark with a rich sheen.
  • The dorje charm is a traditional Tibetan element from Kathmandu.  Symbolically, a dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment.'

With meaning similar to the bodhi seed, many practitioners use raktu malas for their essence and inherent teachings of enlightenment within each seed.  Some of the most common malas used in Tibet and Nepal, these seeds are sustainable and are harvested each year and made into mala beads. 

Mala measures approximately 27 inches around.  Beads are about 6-8mm, guru bead is 11mm.