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Masterpiece Shakyamuni Buddha By Meenu Shakya


In March of 2015 we visited the home of our master statue artists Meenu Shakya.  You can see her painting this statue in our film from the trip.  This is a one of a kind master work.  We are the sole distributer of Meenu Shakyas work in the USA.  These statues are made over a 6 to 12 month process involving casting, creating wax molds, making plaster molds, pouring bronze into molds and then hand detailing before the finishing artists even see the statues.  We are so proud to support traditional artists and this is one of the true master works.

The Shakyamuni Buddha was a spiritual master who lived and taught in modern day India and Nepal. Shakyamuni taught others to be awakened to the true nature of reality and freed from suffering.

Measures approximately 9 inches tall.  Made of bronze.