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Medicine Buddha Banner


This large and colorful banner has the mantra of the medicine buddha. The banner is a short version of the medicine Buddha Mantra: Om namo bhagawate Bhaishjaye guru vaidurya prabha rajaya tathagataya arhate samyaksam buddhaya teyatha om bekhajye bekhajye maha bekhajye bekhajye rajaya samungate svaha. This means: Auspicious one! I prostrate to you, King of lapis lazuli, who has conquered the cycle of birth, aging, sickness and death, who has gone to the state of the Buddhas, the supreme physician, who is perfectly awakened, the enlightened One, Medicine Buddha, King of all physicians.
Size:38 by 9 1/2 Inches. (Does not include the approx 3 inch length of tassle.)