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Medicine Buddha Teachings

by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche In this rare gem from Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoce, we learn more than just the details of this particular medicine Buddha practice: Rinpoche has kindly included many basic principles of tantric theory and practice in general. Anyone engage in any Vajrayana practice will find this teaching extremely useful. Presents the stages of practice of the Medicine Buddha Sadhana. Rinpoche elucidates the details of the practice and many principles of tantra: deities and buddha realms, samayasattva and jnanasattva, the principles of emanating and gathering, the use of offerings, mudras, and the five aspects of intrinsic awareness. Rinpoche then gives teachings on the Medicine Buddha Sutra--he explains the twelve aspirations, the benefits of reciting the Medicine Buddha's name, the meaning of deity, nature of the four maras and the transcendence of obstacles. Included is the Medicine Buddha Sadhana along with two shorter versions.
Size:242 Pages. 9" x 6". Paper.