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Goldplated Dragon carved Shakyamuni Buddha Statue 8 inch


This is a monastic statue of Shakyamuni Buddha which has been fully gold plated and then hand painted on various aspects of the robe and the lotus.

The statue has Amitabh Buddha carved on the front of the robe around the stomach area, and then another Buddha carved at the back side of the robe around the back area.  There are several carvings of dragons, birds, Garuda, floral motifs, and Tibetan auspicious symbols all around the monastic robe which Shakyamuni has worn gracefully.

The lotus on which the Buddha is sitting is intricately carved and painted.

This is a true masterpiece from our fourth generation artist who learned statue making from his grandfather.  He continues to work and create beautiful masterpieces for us.  His work has been adored by many.  He is a master craftsman and works hard to achieve the fine intricate details and smoothness in the statue.  This statue tells his experience and has come out perfectly.

Just sit and watch the statue closely and you will start to go into deep meditation.  It has a great power and charm that every one can cherish.

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue is seated in Dhyana Asana or Meditative Pose, also called Padmasana.  In this position, the legs are crossed, closely locked with the soles of both feet visible.  Lord Buddha is wearing a detailed carved monastic robe incised with floral motifs.  He is seated on a single lotus base also known as Padmasana.  His left hand is in the earth touching gesture or bhumisparsha mudra, while his right hand holds a medicine bowl.

Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Kapilavastu in Nepal some 2600 Years ago and performed many Buddha activities for 45 years in this sub-continent for the benefit of all the sentient beings.  This statue coming from his birthplace makes it a very special one.

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Size:8 inches tall