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Men's Powerful Expression Wrap Bracelet

  • Exclusive wrap bracelet featuring gorgeous elements of true turquoise and 98% pure Hill Tribe silver.  Each piece is handwoven on a strong, brown, waxed linen cord.
  • Includes a hand stamped Hill Tribe silver button with two loops for easy and semi-adjustable closure.  Bracelet is entirely sourced and handmade in Thailand.
  • This powerful design can be worn on its own as a statement piece or in combination with a watch or other bracelets and malas to create a stack.

Turquoise encourages growth, development, and positive change within one's life.  It is especially useful for clearing the Throat Chakra, and blockages of suppressed self-expression.

Bracelet measures approximately 24 inches around and can be wrapped 2-3 times around the wrist.  Turquoise and silver elements are approximately 7-8mm, closure is 16mm. Hand knotted waxed cord is about 5mm thick.