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Space Rock Bracelet



  • Here at the DharmaShop office, we've been referring to this as our "Space Rock Bracelet!"  Featuring Iolite beads and a raw Black Spinel gemstone, this bracelet is full of metaphysical healing properties.
  • The Black Spinel gemstone's dark cratered finish and space rock texture is reminiscent of something that could have fallen out of the night's sky from outer space and onto your wrist.
  • Astrology is a very important aspect in Tibetan Buddhism as a way of understanding the interconnectedness of all things and achieving enlightenment.

Designed to be paired with the Hematite & Obsidian Lunar Bracelet!

Black Spinel grounds and protects the wearer from negative energy, calming and soothing those who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.  It can improve concentration and focus, helping you manifest your goals and desires.

Iolite's beautiful color sparks a twilight energy that inspires calm and contemplation.  It can be helpful for clearing the mind and strengthening your intuition.  Iolite can help bring clarity to overcome obstacles or challenges in life while providing strength to trust yourself and follow your instincts.

Bracelet is available in two sizes on stretchy cord with 8mm beads.  Small is about 6.5 inches around.  Large is about 7.5 inches around.  Black Spinel stone is about 0.75 inch.