Mosiac Shakyamuni Statue

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This Shakyamuni statue is handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by a 5th generation crafting family.  Each statue is made using the lost wax method, which takes considerable time and skill.  After bronze casting each statue is hand detailed and carved by master craftsmen.  The face is gold painted and the robes are hand tiled.

The Shakyamuni Buddha was a spiritual master who lived and taught in modern day India and Nepal. Shakyamuni taught others to be awakened to the true nature of reality and freed from suffering.

Measures approximately 8 inches tall.


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Patricia Williams
Atlanta Shambhala Center

Be careful when receiving your statue.

When mine came, it’s head was wrapped in cotton which was wrapped in paper with tape around the "package." When I took off the cotton, lots of cotton fluff stuck to the blue head--an Albert Einstein hairdo on dear Buddha! So I put it under gentle running water and tried to carefully brush the cotton away. Most of it came off, but then I realized that the gold painted face was melting and that the blue was a still tacky paint—water soluble!! I quickly took it out of the running water and blotted it dry with a paper towel. No real harm done, but I was really dopey to have done such a thing. Then I noticed that the stones were rather dull, but decided to let the statue rest for a day or so. Then, I took a soft cloth and carefully rubbed all but the face quite a bit. The stones began to glow and the mosaic and metal looked way better too. I am very happy with it now. The statue is absolutely beautiful and I recommend it. But I don't recommend fooling around with materials one knows nothing about. If there's a problem, ask the people at DharmaShop. They know exactly what to do.