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Nag Champa Positivity Incense



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  • Nag Champa has a sweet and woodsy scent often described as calming, making it a great partner in meditation.
  • As it helps to purify your environment, Nag Champa can help to cleanse your space from negativity and encourage positive energy.
  • Nag Champa is a classic and very popular fragrance enjoyed by many.  For some, it can set the tone for spiritual practice and for others, it's purely for the relaxing and enjoyable aroma.

Nag Champa is known as a sacred scent that purifies your environment and the energy within it.  It can induce a new wave of positive energy and uplift the spirit.  A great partner for meditation or during yoga.

Includes about 30 sticks that measure 4 inches.  Comes with a small wooden burner and is wrapped inside of an eco-friendly lokta paper tube.