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Namaste Men's Wrist Mala


A powerful, one-of-a-kind men's bracelet with strong statement beads.   It features a true agate 2-eyed Dzi bead centerpiece that shows beautifully.  Also includes bodhi seed beads along with painted water buffalo bone beads.  It is fully adjustable and made on durable vegan leather.

The 2-eyed Dzi represents the three stars of luck: happiness, honor and longevity.  It is the bead of wealth, health, and said to bring continuous fortunes.

A note about bone beads:  Tibetan nomadic life is hard, and in the cold there is little to eat. Water buffalo is a main staple in Nepal and Tibet, and when an animal is used for food nothing is wasted.  These amazing bone beads are handcrafted by artisans who recycle and reuse everything in daily life and spiritual practice.

Measures approximately 9 inches when open and about 7 inches when fully closed.  Dzi bead measures approx 1 1/2 inch in length.  Bodhi beads are about 14mm, bone beads are about 13mm.