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Natural Ohm Incense



  • Natural Ohm Incense for Devotion features a natural, fresh scent that contains a blend of Anthopogon flower with Bodhi-Chitta seed.
  • Great for burning before or during meditation, prayers, or yoga to cleanse the space.
  • Buddha Chitta, or Bodhi Chitta, means supreme happiness.  It was underneath the bodhi tree that the Buddha first attained enlightenment.

Available in our Bodhi Happiness Incense Set!

The 100% natural incense is made using an organic blend of special materials.  Comes packed in handcrafted Nepalese lokta paper that is both sustainable and eco-friendly.

    Package contains approximately 30 sticks that measure about 4.5 inches long and a small wooden burner.  Handmade in Nepal.