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Om Spinning Meditation Ring

  • Spinning rings originate from ancient Tibetan prayer wheels and are great for stilling the mind, reducing anxiety, and promoting concentration during meditation.
  • Made in Nepal, this sterling silver ring features the repeated Om symbol in Sanskrit script.  The inner part of the band stays in place while the Om decorated section spins.
  • Om appears at the beginning and end of most recitations, prayers, and texts.  It is an amazing tool that all people of all backgrounds can utilize to bring focus and awareness to the greater meaning of life.

Wearing this ring can help you stay mindful during the day and release tension or stress.  By taking deep breaths and focusing on the spinning of the ring, you are able to reduce worry and calm the mind.  It's a great accessory for your practice or every day life!

Sized ring.  Band is just over 0.25 inch wide.