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One of a kind Sample Mala


This striking mala is handmade in India with amethyst, rose quartz reconstituted turquoise and crystal. We love the look of the mala, and will be offering it for the holidays, at the moment we have only this sample in stock.

108 beads plus hand made tassel and 108 tiny spacer beads for easy counting and wonderful feel in the hands.

  • Turquoise
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst

No Pendant

Pink Glass Guru (ending) bead

Bronze coloured separator beads


Approx. 38 cm in Length

Stone Properties:

Turquoise - Protects, allows for truthful communication, opens creativity and clears Throat chakra.

Rose Quartz - Attracts love, represents forgiveness and balance, works with Heart chakra.

Amethyst - Master healing stone, stability/strength, clarifies dreams, dispels anger and works with Third eye and Crown chakra.