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Onyx and Apatite Mala with Gau Locket


Another amazing DharmaShop exclusive mala!  It includes faceted matte onyx, beautiful blue apatite beads, and a prehistoric mastodon fossil bead all separated by 98% pure Hill Tribe silver spacers.

Our 108 bead mala features a hand cast sterling silver Tibetan gau locket with Medicine Buddha design.  The back of the gau opens to allow for an image or relic to be carried inside, and will come with a picture of His Holiness and a bit of offering scarf (kata). 

Onyx stabilizes, heals, and strengthens your root chakra so you may become more grounded and productive in the physical world.  Blue apatite is a motivational stone, promoting independence and ambitiousness.  It is known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals.

Mala measures approximately 25 inches around.  Faceted matte onyx beads are 6mm, blue apatite beads are 6mm, mastodon fossil bead is about 10mm.  Gau measures approximately 1 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide.