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Palo Santo & Cinnamon Incense

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  • This Japanese-style Palo Santo incense is long-lasting and great for daily use. A new personal favorite, we burn it frequently here at the Dharma Shop!
  • A beautiful blend of Palo Santo and Cinnamon, it has invigorating notes reminiscent of citrus, pine, and aged wood. The combination of warm Palo Santo pairs perfectly with the sweet hint of Cinnamon.
  • Japanese incense has been used for centuries to purify and cleanse. It can be used for meditation, ritual purposes, or merely for the general enjoyment of fragrance.

The soothing Palo Santo fragrance has a calming energy and uplifts the mood. Burning one of these sticks prior to meditation can help you feel relaxed and focused. The uplifting scent is known to cleanse negativity and relieve stress.

Includes approximately 30 sticks that measure about 8 inches long. Burn time is approximately 45 minutes per stick.