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Pink Prayer Flags For Cancer Charity


We developed these pink flags for Radiating Hope, we loved them so much that we are selling them on our site to raise money and awareness for their group.

Set of 25 flags, alternating windhorse and blank flags. The blank flags are used to write your own prayers or the names of loved ones.

Flags are 8 by 8 inches and total length is 17 feet.

We want you to get to know Radiating Hope and the Nepal Cancer Care project. Did you know that in Developing countries cancer kills more people than AIDS/HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined? The major reason for this is the sheer lack of availability to life saving cancer care. For instance, in Tanzania Africa there are only two radiation machines for nearly 15 million people, that is one machine for 7.5 million people. Contrast that with most developed countries, like the USA, in which we have one radiation machine for every one hundred thousand people leading to high cancer cure rates. In Nepal there is on about 30 million people and they have only 5 radiation machines ,that is one machine serving 5 million people, this leads to high death rates from cancer with little access to treatments for the majority of the population. With that said, we introduce you to Radiating Hope, whose mission is to update and provide radiation equipment to developing countries and to advance cancer care in those countries, and we want to help Nepal, but we need your help! How you can help? There are a number of ways you can help, one is purchasing a role of pink prayer flags which have been made for Radiating Hope cancer patients by Dharmashop for a program called Pass Along A Cure, in which women cancer survivors climb mountains while raising money for developing countries. A percentage of the flags purchased will go towards RH’sNepal Cancer care project. Another way is consider dedicating a Tibetan Flag in honor of a loved one, this is part of Radiating Hope prayer flag project, in which dedicated flags are taken to the top of the highest mountains in the world on mountaineering expeditions and will eventually travel to Mt Everest and placed at the base camp. There are many ways you can help, please get to know Radiating Hope at