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Premium Incense Sample Box

  • 5 styles of our handcrafted Tibetan incense that come in a very beautiful lokta paper gift box, a renewable handmade paper product.
  • Features Wheel of Dharma, Stupa, White Tara, Kalachakra and Windhorse incense in one box!  Sample them all and find your favorite!
  • Set also includes a small wooden holder.

This gift set is perfect for yourself or someone special.  It allows you to sample a variety of Tibetan incense to find out what fragrances speak to you.  Each style is handmade in Nepal with a blend of natural Himalayan ingredients.

Box measures approximately 6 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 1.25 inch thick.  Includes 5 packages of 4 inch sticks and a small wooden burner.