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Pure Copper Ayurvedic Water Bottle



  • This gorgeous pure copper water bottle is handmade by fair-trade artisans in Nepal from 100% recycled e-waste copper.
  • Copper bottles are steeped in Ayurvedic health benefits.  Drinking from copper helps restore harmony & balance within the body.
  • Copper bottles are lightweight, leak-proof, lead free, and naturally anti-microbial.

Drink more water, use less plastic!  Our copper water bottles are handmade by Dhaatu in Nepal.  Dhaatu is Nepal's first and only premium copperware company.  By using 100% recycled e-waste these bottles solve an environmental waste issue, all while preserving a traditional craft of Nepal and employing artisans.

Copper has one of the highest thermal conductivity properties of all the elements on the periodic table.  When cold is applied it quickly spreads throughout the surface, decisively retaining the temperature. This means your water stays colder longer!

Please note: Bottle is coated on the outside only, as the purpose of the copper bottle is to drink water infused with Ayurvedic benefits, which is known as Tamra jal.  Do not let water sit for longer than 8 hours as oxidation will occur.

Each bottle holds 1 Liter (33.8 oz) of liquid.  Features awesome hand-hammered artisan marks and a tight screw-on lid.  Packaged in a gift ready, recycled tube.

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