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Purpose Wrist Mala Set

  • Our DharmaShop exclusive wrist mala set includes two amazing wrist malas designed to help keep you grounded and encourage you to follow your happiness and soul purpose!
  • The picture jasper wrist mala features a handmade Thai Amulet, molded by Buddhist monks and set into its metal frame.
  • Picture jasper is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the Earth.  It is also known to help create harmony, creativity, and positive thoughts.

Fossil jasper helps you with self expression and eases fear of the unknown.  This stone will guide you through understanding your life and soul purpose.  It is a protective and grounding stone, and is especially useful for healing. With 27 beads, this wrist mala is perfect for counting mantras.

Set includes two bracelets on stretchy cord.  The Grounding Picture Jasper Wrist Mala is about 6.5 inches around with 8mm beads.  The Fossil Jasper Healing Wrist Mala is about 6.75 inches around with 6mm beads.