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Rustic Bell Cascade



  • This rustic bell cascade is handmade by fair-trade artisans in the desert Kutch region of India from up-cycled iron and copper.
  • Traditionally used by Indian farmers to identify their livestock, these bells are a great addition to your home decor or covered outdoor space!
  • The gorgeous tone of the chimes inspire an atmosphere of tranquility and zen.  They are a great compliment to a strand of prayer flags.

The bell craft artisans manually cut and hammer the metal before hand-shaping each bell individually.  They are then coated in powdered brass and copper before being fired in kilns.  Finally, and most importantly, each bell is tuned to produce a unique and distinctive sound.

A great compliment to a strand of prayer flags, the bell cascade features an adjustable jute loop for hanging.  Their chiming is reminiscent of the bells used on yaks for trekking and transport in the Himalayas.

The set measures approximately 24 inches long and each bell is about 3 inches.