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Set of Sacred Geometry Chakra Prayer Flags


This new bundle set of 4 prayer flag strands is a DharmaShop exclusive!  These are 100% cotton, hemmed, and screen printed prayer flags with beautiful sacred geometry symbols.  Each strand includes 7 flags, each color representing one of the 7 chakras.  Set includes 4 strands - each strand with different sacred geometry designs.

The sacred geometry symbols include The Flower of Life, which is one of the most important and sacred patterns in the universe.  It is one of the strongest sacred geometric shapes, and can be used as a tool for connecting during meditation.  Also, the central figure of Sri Yantra and two Sri Yantra mandala designs.  Yantras are geometrical designs based on the principles of sacred geometry and are used for meditation.  It is said to be the geometric representation of the most sacred sounds in the Universe, including the sound of Om.

Set includes 4 strands of flags 7 flags per strand.  Each flag measures approximately 8 by 8 inches; one full strand is about 5 feet long.  Made of hemmed cotton in Nepal.