Spiritual Ascension Bone Feather Necklace


This necklace features a very clean and simple design.  A small feather made entirely of hand carved bone from Bali, Indonesia, with a copper horseshoe bale hangs from an American made copper ball chain.  In the Himalayas, it is typical for large animals such as yak or water buffalo to be used for service and then slaughtered for food, clothing, utensils, and ritual items.  Given the limited amount of resources and the religious practices of the people in the region, it is important that none of the animal goes to waste.

The feather often represents truth, lightness, and ascension.  Feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. They arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose.

Necklace measure approximately 24 inches around.  Feather is about 1 3/4 inch tall from the top of bale and 1/2 inch thick.