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Emptiness Ring

  • This stylish, hand textured ring is made entirely with (.98) Hill Tribe silver.  Hill Tribe silver has a higher silver content than sterling and an even brighter shine! 
  • Features a simple and meaningful open oval design.  This ring is a gentle every day reminder of the true meaning of emptiness.  We love the idea of a simple, elegant ring symbolizing and reminding us of such a large and meaningful idea.
  • Fitted ring - please choose your size!

The true meaning of emptiness is often misunderstood as something negative.  However, the spiritual definition refers to emptiness as having the potential to be anything rather than nothing.  Just as impermanence teaches us to live in the moment, emptiness teaches us that the vast beauty and expansiveness of our reality goes beyond our ability to actually comprehend it.  It is only when we understand that our reality is fluid and ever-changing that we can truly grasp the freedom of emptiness.

Sized ring.  Front of ring measures approximately 1 inch tall.  Handmade in Thailand.