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Thai Ganesh Necklace

  • A beautiful gold protection amulet from Thailand is hand strung on a necklace from Brazil woven with dark, iridescent seed beads.
  • The gold plated amulet has a detailed, 3-dimensional image of Ganesh on one side and a Thai Hanuman deity on the other.
  • Thai amulets are handmade by monks in Bangkok to help support their temples.  Buddhists and spiritual people alike use amulets like this one for the healing and protective benefits.  In many forms of spirituality, protection amulets or "good luck charms" can be very powerful.

One of the most well-known and worshipped deities, Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles, bringer of success and fortune, and the deity of intellect and wisdom.

Hanuman is worshipped for his dedication to Rama, his Hindu god.  His commitment and devotion is admired by many.

Necklace measures approximately 18 inches around.  Thai amulet is about 1 inch.  Thai amulets are not meant to be immersed in water. Please remove before bathing or swimming.