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The Mantra Stack

  • Combining our simple Mantra Bracelet double wrap with lava stone and sacred rudraksha with a roll on bracelet handmade by a fair trade group in Kathmandu and a shimmering gold double wrap.
  • Designed after years of travel, our Mantra Bracelet Stack can help you find your center while you continue to explore and reach outward.
  • All three bracelets measure approximately 7 inches around.

The 54 bead double wrap bracelet represents two halves coming together.  The white stone is cool quartz and the black is warm lava.  Together they form a yin and yang practice bracelet.  The two spacers also offer contrast: a brass Thai bead and, for softness, an Indian rudraksha bead.  Carefully hand-crocheted and beaded, the roll on bracelet is fair-trade and made in Nepal by a women's co-operative group.