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Pure Tibetan Tingshas

  • Tingshas are traditionally used by Buddhists as sound offerings and during rituals and have recently grown popular in the west.
  • These tingshas offer a minimalist and pure aesthetic, which helps us focus on their essential elements and sound. Comes in a red brocade case.
  • Handmade in Nepal and hand picked for their clear, long, sustaining tones.  Attached with leather cord.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Tingsha's golden chime have been used to mark transitions in rituals, meditations, and offerings for generations. They are believed to clear negative energy and purify space for your practice. Using this inspiration, Tingshas have gained popularity in yoga, meditation, and sound healing for similar reasons

The timeless absence of design highlights the gorgeous polished metal, allowing for unobstructed resonance and emphasis on sound healing and focus during meditation.

Tingshas measure approximately 2.25 inches in diameter.