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Tranquil Transformations Bracelet

  • Strung here at the DharmaShop, this bracelet features beautiful Burmese jade beads with a hand hammered gold vermeil leaf as its centerpiece. 
  • Leaves are often recognized as a symbol of growth, renewal, and new beginnings.  They can also symbolize change or transformation.
  • This bracelet carries a beautiful green energy that activates and stimulates the Heart Chakra.  It invites good luck and prosperity into your life.

While wearing this bracelet, DharmaShop owner and master gardener, Christy Cohen, is reminded of the many flowers in her garden as they embrace the morning sun.  Similarly, the Moon Flower Bracelet is reminiscent of the glowing white moon flowers blooming at night in the same garden.

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches; it is cherished as a protective stone and is considered very powerful for healing.  Jade is known to be a symbol of purity, wisdom, and tranquility.

Bracelet measures approximately 6.75 inches around on stretchy cord.  Beads are 6mm.  Leaf is about 1.25 by 0.75 inch.