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Tree of Life Branches Frankincense Incense

  • The Tree of Life symbolizes many things including wisdom, protection, strength, and beauty. 
  • Branches symbolize knowledge and learning.  Branches reaching out represent our human needs and explorations in arts, science, spirituality, and other outlets.
  • Made with a combination of Frankincense and Himalayan herbs.  Great for yoga, meditation, relaxation and spiritual offering in the morning, day or evening. 

The smoke of Frankincense is thought to deepen the breath and calm the mind and keep the user free from disease.  It is also known to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.

Available individually or in the set of 4 Tree of Life Incense Gift Set!

Recyclable package measures about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Includes about 30 sticks and a small wooden burner.  Handmade in Nepal.