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True Turquoise & Bodhi Men's Bracelet

  • DharmaShop exclusive men's bracelet made with authentic materials sourced from Nepal and New Mexico.
  • Wear it alongside of a watch or on its own as a statement piece.  A great gift for Father's Day!
  • Features amazing dark Bodhi Seed beads from Kathmandu along with incredible true Turquoise beads from New Mexico and brass spacers.  Each Turquoise bead is completely unique, making your bracelet one-of-a-kind!

Bodhi seed beads can be used for counting all types of mantras as well as other prayers.  These dark-speckled seed beads have special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom.  "Bodhi" in Sanskrit means enlightenment; as an "enlightened" seed, many practitioners use these malas for their essence and inherent teachings within each seed.

Turquoise encourages growth, development, and positive change within one's life.  It is especially useful for clearing the Throat Chakra, and blockages of suppressed self-expression.

Bracelet measures approximately 7 inches around on durable stretchy cord.  Bodhi beads are about 13mm, Turquoise beads are about 13mm wide and 18mm long.