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Palo Santo Himalayan Incense



  • A gift of nature, this Palo Santo incense is 100% natural with no artificial fragrance.  Comes packed in handcrafted and sustainable lokta paper decorated with a dried Himalayan flower.
  • Similar to earthy scents like Cedar or Sandalwood, Palo Santo is a natural fragrance often used for purification and cleansing negativity.
  • As you burn the incense, a meaningful message is released into the atmosphere, "May Peace & Love Prevail in the World."

The soothing Palo Santo fragrance has a calming energy and enhances the mood.  Burning one of these sticks prior to meditation can help you feel relaxed and focused.  The uplifting scent is known to cleanse negativity and relieve stress.

Package measures approximately 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Includes about 15 sticks.